The following statement describes the terms under which the Writerpanda servicing https://www.writerpanda.co.uk offers services to visitors and Registered Users of our website.

The Terms of Sale (TSC) governs our policy for providing services that are purchased by our clients (often referred as “You”/ “Your”) throughout Writerpanda and its respective contractors, directors, representatives, officers, agents and contractors (often referred as “We”, “Our” and “Us”).

This statement is a lawful contract between the Writerpanda and the consumer where you acknowledge our TSC when you place an order, make a purchase, submit a request or perusing Writerpanda. Writerpanda reserve the right to change the content without any notice.

Please read our TSC statement carefully before making a purchase on Writerpanda. If you don’t agree with our TSC, kindly make a request and do not make any purchase from our website. Likewise, when you click on our “Order Now”, “Make a Payment” or any similar button on our secure payment of our authorized billing provider, you agree to make buy our services. The information you have provided on our website you certify that all information is true and accurate, further, indicating your agreement to complete the entire purchase process in compliance with our terms and conditions shown on any relevant page.

Our terms and conditions which are a part of the agreement are solely for the benefit of our consumers.


The content provided by Writerpanda including text, images,logos and software are all part of the property of Writerpanda. All the names of the various trademarks used on the website https://www.writerpanda.co.uk only belong to Writerpanda or our subsidiaries. It can’t be used for any product, service or website that isn’t a part of our business/ organization.

Contact Information

Our webpage includes various contact details of our company which are provided for solely helping our clients and not to be misused. The consumers can contact Writerpanda through telephone at +44 (203) 287-8657, email info@peniton.co.uk, live chat and also through the submission of a query form. Note: not to be used against the powers submitted in this document for exploiting, manipulating, misleading or any other purpose.

Secured Payment System

Writerpanda command you to follow our instructions strictly provided on our secured payment provider webpage including PayPal account for ordering our editing & proofreading services. We are a registered business and a member of PayPal family. Writerpanda takes every step to minimize chances of fraudulent behavior.

Currency Accepted

All the transactions made on https://www.writerpanda.co.uk are made in GBP and Dollars. We recommend all our customers to strictly follow payments in GBP and Dollars. In case, there is a change in currency exchange rates or in the quotes made by our customer representatives or email sent by us, consumers are liable to pay. Consumers can change their currency first and then carry with the payment process.

Email Confirmation

Writerpanda sends a confirmation email after every order you placed, this reconfirmation emails within an hour to affirm with our authorized retailer PayPal has acknowledge your request as of now, informing you with the same information. This email doesn’t contain any confidential information such as details of your order, total amount etc. Once Writerpanda receives notice of your payment details, your request will be processed and required action will be taken. Writerpanda holds the authority to dismiss any order at any stage without any prior notice or explanation, even before dispatching the service/ products.

Electronic Transmission

All the services offered by Writerpanda are accessible through the internet are made accessible to the purchaser within minutes after an authenticated transaction. For an active member, Writerpanda offers a dashboard framework in order to recognize the status of your requests.

Once your order is confirmed and verified by our authorized payment provider, Writerpanda will ensure that an electronic delivery of your ordered services or products via email are sent to your provided email address. Our finished editing and proofreading service will be transferred to the dashboard, likewise, where the user can download the product/ service via a link, effortlessly. Note: when transferred to the dashboard, the email will contain a link for direct downloading of the finished editing and proofreading academic file, document, paper, etc. Once the delivery of our service has been completely, we recommend our clients to acknowledge it, in order to confirm.

Site Modification Rights

Writerpanda reserves all the right of making any modifications, alterations, amendments or changes on our website (https://www.writerpanda.co.uk) including policies, content, terms and conditions, at any given time. Consumers have no right to object our amendments as all rights are reserved with Writerpanda solely.

Not Responsible For Storing Documents

Writerpanda in no circumstance is accountable for keeping or putting away records submitted to the users. Once we have conveyed our service, it is the duty of the client to keep the document safe, including all unedited and altered files, reports and correspondence provided by Writerpanda. Also, at whatever point you require a revision, you must re-send your document.

Revision Allowed

Our team of editors and proofreaders at Writerpanda works around the clock to put forward their best foot in order to help you finish your academic paper. In case you are not satisfied with the received edited and proofread document and you feel it doesn’t match your prerequisites, you can request a revision. Our team of checkers, proofreaders, correctors, tutors, editors and helpers will ensure to deliver a content that exceeds your expectation with infinite revisions. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is why we make arrangements to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. You must re-send the document to modify the contents.

Refund Offer

In an event of unforeseen or unknown circumstances where we are unable to revise your paper, you are qualified to receive a 100% money refund. We may offer discounts in case our experts encounter time delays in meeting your deadline. We never offer discount on disappointment as we never guarantee grades. We entirely follow your instructions, we are not aware of your tutor’s expectations, hence, our editors work their best to help our clients achieve top grades.

Easy Access To Our Service

All the services offered by Writerpanda on our website https://www.writerpanda.co.uk are exceptionally easy to access and utilize. Further, all the services and products sold, we have a mutual understanding that you have fundamental knowledge of software and computers. Writerpanda will not offer any discount for your inability to comprehend and use our service due to the lack of computer basic knowledge.

You May Accept

By acquiring and downloading any services offered by Writerpanda, you are liable to follow our terms, conditions and prerequisites. All the downloaded file(s) to you as they are without any amendments. Also, you acknowledge the threats that may emerge from downloading our services/ products including but not restricted to, blunders in transmission, disparagement of existing information. You are accountable for keeping all the documents secured and following a security protocol in order to provide security and reinforcement of the information/ technology used as a part of or in association with any downloaded documents. Writerpanda will not be at risk for any damages regarding the utilization of the downloaded records. Writerpanda does not ensure downloaded documents in any way nor give any guarantees at all, suggested or communicated, and without restriction, threats for loss of profits or business data, information, goodwill, failure of the computer, or any other commercial losses or damages. In no occasion should Writerpanda be subject for any aberrant, unique or accidental harm in any way they may emerge, regardless of whether Writerpanda might have been informed concerning the likelihood of such potential misfortune or harm. We maintain all authority to change the documents without earlier notice.

Refusing Rights

Writerpanda reserves all the right and authority to refuse to offer our services to anyone for any reason, whatsoever. In case of refusal, we will provide complete refund within 28 days of the payment made.

Our Goal

Writerpanda operates with the goal to deliver exceptional academic excellence and assistance to all our customers through our editing and proofreading service at an affordable price. We aim at proving best service available on the internet. In the event of uncertainty regarding our content, products or services, please get in touch with us at info@peniton.co.uk or call +44 (203) 287-8657 before requesting an order and making a payment. Writerpanda is optimistic and confirms that you are purchasing only accurate and correct editing and proofreading service to address your academic issues. Writerpanda will endeavor to identify all the issues efficiently, quickly and effectively, as possible considering circumstances. We work in order to deliver you the best experience for establishing a long-term relationship.