Our Privacy Policy

At Writerpanda privacy policy is important to us. This privacy policy applies to https://www.writerpanda.co.uk where we only collect information and process it for business purpose only, not to be sold to any external parties. The information is collected when you log on https://www.writerpanda.co.uk which is owned and operated by Writerpanda. We collect cookies and other relevant browsing information while you browse our website to deliver a personalized experience to our customers. This information is used by Google Ads and other relevant tracking portals.

Statistical data is collected by our servers during your visit on our website, it includes operating system, IP address, browser category, time of access and your time spent. We use cookies on our website to modify contents of the website. Cookies are only collected to enhance user experience and not shared with third parties. They allow Writerpanda to deliver personalized/ customized user experience based on the type of medium used, type of browser, IP address or any other information and it stays anonymous and confidential.

Information We Collect

This statement applies to all the information that is collected on our behalf through various cookies, Google Ad and other mediums submitted on Writerpanda website. Our website pages allow users to order editing and proofreading services, make requests, register to receive discounted price and ask questions. The Writerpanda respects your privacy and security, hence we never share the personal information you provide with any other party. Your Editing and proofreading services are secured with the Writerpanda. The personal information collected by our servers and cookies include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Location
  • IP Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Topic/ Category
  • Credit/Debit Card Information
Our Cookies

Cookies are text documents that are used by Writerpanda server on the https://www.writerpanda.co.uk to identify a computer or browser. Cookies only identity the IP address and PC and not the client’s personal information. Cookies help Writerpanda to monitor the performance of the website and visitor experience. We also use cookies to collect time spend data on our website.

Writerpanda uses two types of cookies – session and persistent. They serve the following functions:

  • To identify user/visitor
  • To remarket already visited user
  • To check whether the user is signed in on the website
  • To demonstrate date and time which is in compliance with user browser location and time zone.
  • To improve the overall user experience
  • To create navigation convenience for user

Cookies are used by some external service providers including Google Analytics, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal. However, Writerpanda does not distribute any visitor’s personal information to third parties, subject to their non-involvement in the process of placing, completing or delivering an order at Writerpanda.

Visitors can opt to modify their browser settings to either accept or reject cookies along with receiving a notification every single time a cookie is utilized. However, this right is reserved with Writerpanda and can be stopped at any moment. At any time, a visitor may be unable to use certain customization services.


Regularly, we are required to proofread our website content in order to establish competitive advantage and compete with other businesses, both directly or indirectly. Our confidentiality policy limits us to the sharing and revealing of data including but is not limited to, scope of work, nature of task, field of discipline. It is our strictest policy to adhere to the confidentiality of our services. Each of our proofreaders has signed a universal Non-disclosure Agreement. Proofread with confidence by using Writerpanda.

The Information Usage

Writerpanda may ask you to share your personal information such as name, location, telephone number, email address and other contact details. Note: this information is not sold, used, rented or shared in any means with external parties. Rather we employ this information to deliver personalized service, record information internally for research purpose, responding efficiently to queries, complaints or requests, update our customers regarding changes, modify layout or design and to enhance the website content.

Writerpanda reserves the right to disclose your data to our chosen parties in order to provide personalized user experience, or to get in touch via email. Being our client we assure that we will contact you through electronic/online mediums only for our services and products solely. Regardless of you being a new visitor or old user, Writerpanda (or the chosen third parties) will get in touch with you through electronic means only, if you choose that we do so. The data revealed to our chosen third parties includes only cumulative information where your personal detail is not in any way shared. For instance, we may reveal to them that 450 women under their 20s have tapped on their ad on a specific day. Likewise, we may use this information to help advertisers reach their target or particular audience in better ways.

In case, you don’t agree with our utilization of information, please change the settings in your profile to mirror your preference.

Whereas, when you consent us to utilize your information in the past but no longer wish to, please get in touch with us via” Contact Us” or “Support” section.

Writerpanda may share your personal information with organizations in order to improve our business structure, services and operations.

Other than what is expressed above, we don’t share, offer, circulate, or reveal your data without your consent unless required or allowed by law, which are fairly outrageous and uncommon cases.

Third Party Data Disclosure

If in any case our assets or services are acquired by an external party, then the client data stored in our servers might be one of the assets that are transferred. Of course, we will disclose it through an email or any notice along with warning regarding decisions to secure your personal information.

Future Changes

If any of our privacy policy conditions are altered in future, we post update on our website along with explanations.  Along these lines, we suggest that you check our privacy policy page every now and then, to stay updated with any policy changes presented as we operate the business activities.

Since, we continuously update, modify and enhance our website in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, our policies are subject to change, where all rights are reserved with Writerpanda. In order to stay up-to-date with our technologies, we refresh our privacy policy from time to time. It is recommended to keep track of changes announced by us in privacy policy. Writerpanda will educated its updation/ modification to its clients.


Writerpanda makes every arrangements including safety measures to protect our clients against exploitation, harassment, misfortune, mishandling, or modification of data.

Links Disclaimer

Writerpanda updates and notifies its clients with particular information that we may share links with local government, state or federal, government agencies or any other relevant authorized organizations. Note: a connection does not in any way establishes an endorsement of the any items, accuracy, substance, services, opinions, viewpoints, policies, or accessibility of that site. Once you connect to any other site (including any run by the State) through ours, you are liable to meet the terms and conditions of that site, including, but not restricted to, its privacy policy.

Disclosures Prohibited

Any utilization of any data obtained from our website, employers or servers is for restrictive use only

According to this article, the data of the commissioner in the release of his or her obligations here under, this data/ information will never be available to public in general, nor to be utilized as a part of any court proceeding therein, until or unless the commissioner is a party to such activity, notwithstanding any other provisions of law. Such data, observing that it is instrumental to the making and assurance of a claim for benefits, shall be available to the party influenced and, at the commissioner’s prudence, might be made available to the party influenced in the context of the affected party.

Access to Information

You can request us to show your individual data stored on Writerpanda servers, likewise, you can request us to alter, modify or update your already stored data. Note: updating of such data demands an extra charge depending on the nature of the content. Upon such demands, we furnish you with our stored and accessed data stored and retained on our servers, subject to the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998. You may ask for this service by contacting our support team whenever required.